Damien Crawley

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Damien Crawley is the head of an underground newspaper in Kara Wild's Driven Wild Universe. He made his first and only appearance in "In Her Own Words."


Damien Crawley is a little older than the students he leads, including Vince Rogers, with whom he has worked on the underground paper from the very beginning. Damien tried to write for a professional newspaper, but was a disaster, and therefore retreated to the safety and fame of the underground paper. He takes great pride in the muckraking the underground staffers do, and his affability makes him a great favorite with all but Vince Rogers. Vince is concerned that Damien's increased taste for notoriety will get them all in trouble. This fear comes to pass in "Tomorrow Never Knows," when Ms. Li gets tipped off to the identity of several of the staffers, and even Daria finds herself suffering the consequences.


"Our paper reflects our status, which, of course, is that of pathetic misfits. So of course it's gonna to cover things that are nowhere near the usual school rags, or even in the local paper. And, of course, it's gonna be a lot better than the other papers."

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