Damsel Morgendorffer

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Damsel Morgendorffer

Damsel Erica Morgendorffer is a fictional character created by NightGoblyn. She is one of the title characters from The Heather/Damsel Chronicles, an ongoing alternate-universe fan fiction series with a post-canon setting.


Damsel is of average height and weight for her age. Her build is slim, although she has muscular legs from her training with the track and field team. Her hair is dark red and her eyes are green, and she has the pale complexion common among red haired people. She typically wears her hair in two long braids, hung from just above her ears and ending near her waist.

She has a closet filled with clothes and can whip together an outfit for any occasion with little notice. She has a tendency towards white and shades of pink, although she has grumbled once or twice about how her sister Heather has claimed the color green. She has also been known to instigate twin 'dress-alike' occasions, although this seems to amuse her much more than it does her sister.

The Past[edit]

Damsel is the daughter of Daria and Jane Morgendorffer, the younger child by approximately fifteen minutes.

She grew up in New York City with her twin sister, Heather. Much of this time was spent in the apartment of their Aunt Quinn due to the extremely busy work schedules of their parents, Daria and Jane Morgendorffer. This period of time is still somewhat murky, although a few facts have come to light. It is known that while she enjoyed the martial arts training she received, she was not as enthusiastic about it as her sister. She was, and still is, a girl scout. She also spent an extensive amount of time learning how to work with and program computers, a skill she tries to hide from her peers and family.

The Present[edit]

Damsel currently resides in Lawndale with her parents and sister, and occasionally socializes with her cousin, Cherry Lane. She is a freshman at Lawndale High School, and is apparently an excellent student. She is not romantically involved, although according to Heather she keeps several guys hanging and refuses to commit to any of them. She is engaged in several extracurricular activities, the most important of which is her membership in The Renaissance Society. Her primary peer group is formed from other members of this organization, particularly Martha Houston and Katie Nesliche. She has a sharp rivalry with fellow member Jessica Feldman.

Damsel has a habit of dehumanizing and manipulating those around her, mentally reducing them to the status of math problems that she can 'solve' to get whatever result she wants from them. Outwardly she maintains an upbeat and cheerful attitude, although underneath she is a vulnerable and insecure girl. She worries about her parents' marriage, and occasionally flips though old photo albums of herself and her sister as children. Her primary life goal at this time is to achieve and maintain as much popularity as possible.


Damsel's four activities to qualify as a member of The Renaissance Society's white court are: Girl Scouts, the National Beta Club, Lawndale High's track and field team, and the cheerleading squad.

Nicknames: Dam

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 125 pounds

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Birthday: June 5th, 2005

Hobbies: martial arts, computer programming, popularity