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Danielle Todds (as drawn by Lord Akiyama)

Danielle Todds (also known by her nickname of 'Danny'- the male form with a 'Y' instead of an 'I' at the end) is a fictional character created by legendeld in his mini-serial fanfic An Overlooked Flaw. On his way out of the fandom, legendeld gave permission for anyone else to use Danielle if they wanted.


A beautiful young woman (described as having long, dark hair, large brown eyes, olive skin and a figure similar to that of Quinn Morgendorffer), she comes to attention when she asks Quinn out on a date - and as a test of a 'dating rating system' invented by the Fashion Club, scores higher than even Mack Mackenzie. Quinn agrees to go out on a date with Danny (so nicknamed because her father wanted a boy), and finds herself strangely (and quickly) growing attracted to her (the feeling is immediately mutual), resulting in their beginning a romantic relationship.

Danielle is from a wealthy family that comes from New Mexico, and her grandmother is Egyptian by birth. She drives a 2007 Mustang with satellite radio, and seems to have adequate available cash on hand for impulse shopping. She is an amateur astronomer, and enjoys camping and shopping. She is also the cousin of Nicholas Campbell, one of the members of Mystik Spiral, and has been to Lawndale before; this is perhaps where her romantic interest in Quinn began (in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes continuity).

Danielle 'came out' when she was fifteen, after dating several boys and not finding them of interest. Her parents are apparently unaware of (or choosing not to notice) their daughter's sexual leanings, and except for one notable exception, her siblings are not bothered by this. Later, upon meeting Quinn, we find that not only Danny's parents aware of her sexuality, but are stunned by the fact that she's managed to find someone that they can actually approve so highly as they do of Quinn.

Danielle has several siblings, including Victoria. Victoria is her older sister, and although they share the same incredible beauty (both are incredibly similar in appearance) the two sisters are not close, as Victoria strongly disapproves of her sister's sexuality. In the mainstream Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe, Victoria is a member of The Elite (raising questions as to whether the Todds family are all Elite, or if Victoria was recruited into their ranks as a 'cuckoo' - a metahuman born to normal human parents), and is the mistress of Andrew Landon.

In other series[edit]

Because of the popularity of the character, Danielle has been used by other authors in their works. Some of the more prominent alternate-reality depictions of the character are listed below.

Master Ringbearer Danielle Todds/'Tales of the Ringbearers'[edit]

This variation of Danielle lived on an Earth that suffered a Class Four HST outbreak. Her family was in the process of moving from New Mexico to the East Coast when they were caught up in it. Ringbearers arrived in this reality and Danielle was one of the first chosen to aid in the struggle. After the planet was reclaimed, she traveled to Lawndale to pick up various item that had been shipped before the planned move and found herself drawn to a red brick house that stood in ruins. After leaving her Earth to continue service as a Ringbearer she found out about her counterpart’s relationship with Quinn Morgendorffer on a large number of other worlds. This has lead to a near-obsessive desire to avoid the Morgendorffers out of fear she would ‘steal’ another Danielle’s chance at happiness.

During an encounter with the Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Danielle encountered that reality's Quinn, and found that the extremely high-ranked lightning powers Quinn possesses are the manifestation of that Quinn's elemental affinity, which is also Quintessence; it has been summarized that in most realities, the versions of Quinn and Danielle both have an affinity for Quintessence, with Danielle's slant being the 'life-energy/healing', or 'light' aspect and Quinn's electrical/lightning or 'dark' aspect making them two halves of a whole. (There is some truth to that, as the Danielle Todds in the Legion's reality has extraordinarily powerful healing and revival abilities - and even though the two have not (as of this time) even met, that reality's Danielle is aware of her world's Quinn, and seems to have a very strong attraction towards her.)

She has served as a Ringbearer for just over 70 years and is the third of only five known Ringbearers with the affinity for Quintessence. This affinity allows her abilities unknown to even the Ringmasters themselves; when using her Ring, she is not subject to the anti-tech limitation of all other Ringbearers. Her forcefields are capable of deflecting or absorbing energies from tech-based weapons (even lightsabers), she is capable of interfacing with or controlling technology (as well as imbuing tech-based artifacts and devices with limited sentience and communication abilities), and she does not need her Ring to heal or revive deceased individuals. Danielle can revive someone up to a month after death, or create a new body for them, summon their lifeforce back and join them together (although the process for doing so is incredibly tiring and painful).

As a result of the 'Vengeance Ring Crisis', Danielle's ring is now known as the 'Alpha Ring'.

Having served through numerous campaigns, she is rarely rattled in combat.

Elemental Affinity – Quintessence

Ring symbol – A lightning bolt. (It is often mistaken for a tree.)

Ring inscription – 'To heal all worlds before I rest.' (Written in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.)

Appearances: Diplomacy, Journey's Debt, A Honey of a Deal, Legion of Lawndale Heroes 13:4.

Cadet Danielle Todds/'Legion of Lawndale Heroes'[edit]

In Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Danielle was first seen in LLH 12:6, where she briefly consoled Martin Peters on his (seemingly unrequited) feelings for Daria Morgendorffer. It was revealed that Danielle is a Cadet First Year. She has already been accepted to the USAES Elite Academy for medical training, and has a very serious crush on Quinn, even though they had never met.

Danielle and Quinn met in A Legion Halloween, during a Halloween costume ball at Legion Tower, upon seeing them together, Helen developed a belief that if they were not already a couple, they were on the way towards starting a relationship. This belief was substantiated the next morning, when Danielle and Quinn shared a very impassioned kiss. The current state of their relationship (if any) is unknown at this time.

As of the events of 'A Legion Halloween', Danielle is now a Cadet Fifth Class in the USAES Elite Academy, as are the other members of Training Cadre 5035. In the LLH 'Mini' One Door Open, One Door Closed, Danielle found out about the potential end of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell federal edict concerning LGBT members of the military, and while reminiscing upon the kiss that she and Quinn shared in A Legion Halloween, convinced herself that nothing could come of it.

Major Danielle Todds/'Daylight'[edit]

This version of Danielle Todds first appeared in the Daylight fic 'Home Field Advantage', when she accompanied Martin Peters and Chandni Kaur to 397 Gilmore Hall, where Corona was attempting to incapacitate David Allen Farrington, but was stopped through the combined efforts of The Alliance. When Julia Carlyle returned to USAES to be with her fellow cadets, Danielle asked permission to accompany Tiffany Blum-Deckler to Legion Tower, as with Julia's absence, the Legionnaires would have no one with advanced medical training or metahuman healing abilities on hand. Her request was granted, and she, (along with her fellow cadets of Training Cadre 3035) were sent to reinforce the forces at Legion Tower.

Even with the events going on about them, Danielle and Quinn found themselves growing closer; to her joy and frustration, she found Quinn reciprocating her own romantic feelings, but was afraid of beginning a relationship because of military regulations. That problem was solved when (after an embarassing episode where Kyle Armalin believed they were being assaulted and rushed in with a squad of soldiers, only to find them in an intimate situation) military regulations concerning sexual status were abolished. Since then, Danielle have officially become a couple.

Because of her work and training, Danielle was given a field commission to the rank of First Lieutenant; she has also been approached by the United States Marshals Service to consider becoming a member, with the rank of Major. She has declined, as it would mean leaving Legion Tower without a medical professional with metahuman healing powers - and leaving Quinn.

In "The Hope Mission", Danielle revealed that she had received a promotion to the rank of Major in the United States Military Command. It is not known if there are any other trained medical personnel that serve with her (military or civilian), but it is prudent to assume that as Lawndale is one of the most secure and tech-advanced places left on Earth, medical personnel would have migrated and settled in the area as they would be needed there, and would fine a measure of safety there as well.

This Danielle has learned a great deal about emergency surgery and general medicine. Danielle can use her powers in order to synthesize/duplicate medicines; however, she must have samples of the medicine, or a copy of the drug's formula, in order to do so. She can synthesize and mass-produce organic-based artifacts and items (such as condoms, real-hair wigs, dentures, etc); because of necessity, she has also found that she can generate medicines and other organic-based articles for animals.

Axis Member Danielle Todds/'Lawndale Fighting Championship'[edit]

In The Excellent S' Lawndale Fighting Championship, she is a member of the Axis, a stable of fan-characters out for dominance against the LFC's stable of canon characters through intimidation and violence. Most of the group are anatagonists in their stories; Todds, however is described as having gotten mixed up with the wrong bunch.

Powers and Skills - Cadet/Major Todds[edit]

The Danielle Todds that reside in the LLH and 'Daylight' LLH universes possess the metahuman power of 'grafting'. (For simplicity's sake, both Danielle's will be referred to as one individual; the basic abilities are common to both, but their unique experiences have caused both to develop their abilities in ways the other may have not discovered or have need of. For example, the Danielle of the LLH universe has developed the 'puppetry' aspect of her power to a greater degree than her counterpart.

In contrast, the 'Daylight LLH' Danielle has learned how to excel in emergency trauma and long-term care, as well as learned how to mass-produce organic materials (hearts, lungs, etc.) for transplant. She has also learned how to adapt animal organs for a variety of human uses; she has learned how to synthesize stomach tissue of sheep in order to mass-produce condoms for birth-control and disease prevention. The condoms that Danielle has synthesized are far superior to pre-Zero Hour contraceptives. Danielle has also learned how to synthesize near-infinite supplies of medications for various uses; she has indicated that she must have a sample of the medication in order to do this.

The 'Daylight LLH' Danielle has also begun using her powers in order to begin exploring the concept of cloning; this line of research began after the death of this continuum's Sandi Griffin in combat with a Class Five metahuman. At present, Danielle has not revealed to anyone (even Quinn, who she is now in an open, exclusive relationship with) that she is working in this arena of research, or that she has samples of Sandi's genetic material to work with.

Due to her studies, Danielle is now capable of generating identical duplicates of an individual ('clones'); she can generate such duplicates at any stage of life, but usually will do so as infants (which can be allowed to grow to maturity and develop as their own individual self with their own unique life-experiences), at the end of the adolescent phase (between eighteen to twenty-one), or as exact physical duplicates of the genetic donor. Danielle can also generate (with the help of a high-level telepath; Class Four or higher) identical memories in the genetic duplicate, or assist in transferring the consciousness of the donor into the duplicate form. While she cannot cure diseases caused by genetic issues, she can generate a duplicate and 'edit out' the harmful genetic markers responsible for the condition, and thus generate a genetically healthy duplicate. This manner of generating genetic duplicates is highly difficult and time-consuming for Danielle; while generating a standard duplicate can take up to eight weeks (three to four if an infant is desired); it takes between six to ten months to generate a genetically modified genetic duplicate.

Danielle's power of 'grafting' is an advanced form of psionic-based healing that allows her to perform psionically-augmented surgery of any fashion on a subject regardless of the conditions involved, how severely damaged the patient is, or the availability of medical supplies, facilities and/or personnel. She also possesses the ability to synthesize biological materials as needed to facilitate the healing of individuals with missing or severely-damaged organs and appendages (including whole blood, skin tissue for severely burned individuals, teeth, limbs, etc.), as well as the drugs and other compounds necessary to alleviate a patient's condition. Danielle can either stimulate their growth within/upon the patient's body, or inside a sterile 'organic sac' that can sustain the biological materials until they are used for the patient. (The organic sacs has a finite suspension time, so Danielle usually does not create the materials until they are needed. The organic sacs, and the materials within, can be stored indefinitely in cryogenic conditions; while temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-35 degrees Celsius) can allow for indefinite storage, constant temperatures of 25 degrees Fahrenheit/-4 Celsius will allow the sacs/materials to remain viable for up to eighteen hours.)

She can reverse physical damage caused by non-traumatic conditions, reverse medical conditions or cause them to go into remission (if such can be caused by medical correction of their physical form), and even perform elective cosmetic surgical procedures such as liposuction (but to a far greater degree than possible by normal surgeons), 'face lifts', 'tummy tucks', hair restoration, varicose vein removal, and even things like temporarily increasing melanin production to give persons a vibrant, natural-looking 'tan'. In addition, Danielle can use her power to heal herself; because of the nature of her power, it is possible for Danielle to re-stimulate or replace the entire cellular makeup of her body (or of others) in order to circumvent the effects of old age, allowing her to act as a living, virtual 'Fountain of Youth'.

When using her power to work of physical trauma, she can perform any form of surgical procedure in a vastly-reduced time-frame than would take than if she were using standard surgical procedures; she can perform any procedure at a speed of one-tenth to one-quarter of the time required with standard procedures.

Danielle's power is limited in that she cannot dramatically cure the human body of disease or trauma per se (unlike Julia Carlyle's healing ability, which can cause hyper-accelerated healing and can even cure/repair genetically-related conditions). Danielle's ability allows her to either accelerate the progression of a specific disease, while simultaneously hyper-charging the patient's immune system (or replacing/restoring it, in diseases that have destroyed/deactivated it) and strengthening the person's body until the disease has run its natural course, in order to allow the body. Since this is not an option for most diseases (particularly the more virulent and/or lethal diseases), she can instead place the person in a biochemically-induced state of cellular suspension, during which she can use her power to remove all traces of the disease from the patient's body. However, this is a demanding process (taking between three to twelve hours to perform the procedure, depending on the disease, the stage the disease is in and the physical condition of the patient). Danielle has also discovered that, by having blood or tissue samples of an infected person, she can generate a serum that can cure that specific person (and only that person, or a relative with a similar genetic heritage) of the disease he/she carries. She must still use her power to repair any physical damage the disease has caused, as the serum only destroys the disease, but does not heal the patient.

Danielle can also use her suspension enzymes to maintain a person in that state indefinitely, but must reapply the enzymes to the patient once every three months. She can use the enzymes to also place criminals or persons with mental/emotional issues in suspension, or put persons who are in dangerous environments in that state (such as being trapped underwater). The person's bio-functions are dramatically slowed, allowing them to survive such conditions; the suspension-enzyme possesses a self-regenerative factor that provides nutrients necessary for the subject's survival until rescue. Danielle can also use this enzyme on other life-forms (such as all Terran animals, allowing for easy transport to even distant locations) or even herself; when using it in the latter, she possesses a subliminal form of self-awareness that allows her to awaken when appropriate. She can also generate a second enzyme that can be used to awaken life-forms placed in suspension by her ability.

Danielle's power extends to other medical procedures besides trauma-related surgery; she can also perform dental and optical procedures as well. In addition, Danielle's power extends to other lifeforms besides humans; she can work on other Terran-based lifeforms (but would need to be telepathically linked to a veterinarian, who could guide her through the procedure). Side-effects of her power gives Danielle total immunity to radiation, all forms of disease (bacterial or viral-based), and a high resistance to poisons and any drug with harmful effects. (In the unlikely event that Danielle would need to be treated with medications, her powers can be temporarily shut down by a telepath. Danielle can also activate/deactivate her powers at will.

Danielle's powers cannot affect anyone who is protected within force-fields that are specifically modulated to protect against psionic effects, or through any contrivance used for bio-isolation procedures.

In essence, Danielle is a walking M*A*S*H unit, capable of saving untold numbers of lives (and making unholy amounts of money, once her Federal Service obligation expires).

In 'A Legion Halloween', Danielle demonstrates that she has been trained to 'weaponize' her grafting ability; she has the ability (either by touch or at a distance) to take absolute control over an organic being's physical form; this extends to even physical forms transformed by methods of supernatural, biochemical, bio-cybernetic/nano-technological or energy-infusion origins. (If there is any organic basis to the physical form in its current or past iterations, Danielle's power has control over it). Danielle's control is so absolute that she can force the being to use any special skills, talents or metahuman abilities that it possesses, even if the being was not previously aware that it possessed those things listed above. (A side effect of this means that Danielle is able to detect the potential physical abilities/skills or latent metahuman or mystical abilities of a being. She cannot, however, detect psionic potentials unless they specifically relate to the power's direct use through the physical form as if it itself were an actual physical power.) Danielle's power is effective at line-of-sight range; thus, she can manipulate large numbers of persons over a large area, depending on the complexity of the control she wishes to exert ( for example, she could immobilize every organic lifeform within several miles in a spherical area of effect). She can allow the effect to last for up to ten minutes after she actively stops using her power.

Danielle's power, used in this manner, does not affect the person's will or conscious self; a person under her control will be aware of what is happening to him- or herself. This has led to occasions where some persons with psi-abilities, physical abilities relating to absolute physical control over their bodies, or individuals with indomitable will can actually resist or even overcome her control for a short period. In such cases, Danielle will simply compel them into series of actions that will distract them and re-establish her control.

Like most other USAES cadets without 'active' powers (physical-oriented powers primarily used for combat), Danielle had chosen to take up a form of hand-to-hand combat - in her case, the martial art known as Aikido, in which she has become incredibly proficient. During her studies in Aikido, she has also become an expert in using thrown weapons such as knives, darts and batons. Danielle has also learned to fly while at USAES; she is able to fly small planes and helicopters.

During the events of Chapter Fourteen of Legion of Lawndale Heroes, it is shown that Danielle has an impressive singing voice, and that she is involved with the USAES extracurricular dramatic society. She, along with several other USAES cadets, was involved with performing musical numbers from the academy's fall theatrical production on a national telethon; as a result, she has been getting offers from talent scouts and Hollywood executives to try and lure her away from USAES and either to Broadway or Hollywood. Like most USAES cadets, Danielle is fluent in a second language; she speaks flawless French, and can effortlessly sing and swear in that language.