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Daria's Inferno is a licensed computer game from 2000 by Simon & Schuster Interactive, featuring Daria in a dream quest. It's a puzzle game, where you (as Daria) have to find the solution for various obstacles and puzzles; the game is non-violent, though collisions with 'enemy' characters will irritate Daria and once her "irritation meter" is exceeded she returns to the start of a level.

Modeled vaguely after "The Inferno" by Dante (part of the larger work "The Divine Comedy"), the plot of the game features Daria falling asleep in class and going through a bizarre dream sequence, wherein she has ended up trapped in Hell and must locate objects for Lawndale High principal Angela Li in order to escape eternal detention in the netherworld. "An eternity in hell or back to English class. Choices, choices!" It was written by Peter Elwell, the author of five episodes from the third, fourth, and fifth series of the show.

Daria confronts Ms. Li (Four Fat Chicks screencap)

The Circles of Hell are Lawndale High, the mall, Dega Street, Daria's house and family, and Ms Li's dread dungeon.

The game grounds itself quite comprehensively in the world of the show. Many characters from the series make an appearance, even very minor ones such as Artie and Travis, and most are voiced by their voice actors. Daria herself keeps up a constant stream of sarcastic jokes and comments throughout the game. Lines by the characters are also used at the corporate credits during loading and when you select an option ("Like they did something special," sniffs Sandi Griffin when you hold your cursor over "Credits"). The game provides hints for what to do in the form of Sick, Sad World clips. Even special alter egos appear during the credits!

A full-length version of "You're Standing on My Neck" by Splendora is used for the credits: until the game, nobody knew there was more than one verse for the song.

The game is no longer in print, though second-hand copies can still be found and fans have made ripped copies. Due to its age, however, it won't work on modern computers unless the Display settings are reduced.

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