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Daria: 2010 is a series by Robert Nowall set ten years after graduation. Unsuccessful as a writer, Daria Morgendorffer has returned to Lawndale and is a substitute teacher pressed into full-time when Anthony DeMartino collapses during class and is forced into retirement. The series is a refreshing change in that ten years on, most of the characters are leading ordinary lives and making the best of what they have. For example, Jane Lane works as a painting instructor while pursuing her art on the side, while Quinn Morgendorffer runs her father's old consulting business.

"Daria 2010" was conceived in reaction to the "Daria's Wonderful Future" stories that predominated in fanfic. "Teacher" was especially chosen as the occupation most likely to cheese Daria off. His essay "Daria Fan Fiction and Me: An Uneasy Relationship?" discusses the conceptual origins of the series.

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