DariaNTrent For-EVER!!!!

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DariaNTrent For-EVER!!!! is a 'shipper ficlet written by Kara Wild under the fake name, "Darialuvstrent," in fall of 2002.


As a joke, Wild wrote the fanfic under a fake name with a fake e-mail address, which she then submitted to Fanfiction.net. Her goal was to see whether this attrociously written 'shipper fanfic, just 408 words long, got more feedback than longer, more thoughtful fanfics.

Within hours of posting it, Wild saw that someone had posted a link on PPMB. Responses rushed in, both on Fanfiction.net and the PPMB itself. Some fans thought it was fake, while others thought it was real, written by someone who was obviously very young or mentally deficient. Wild finally revealed herself to be the author, provoking appreciation from some and anger from others.

Because Wild mentioned in her reveal that the idea came to her after she had posted her Driven Wild Universe fanfics on Fanfiction.net, critics accused her of deceiving them just because she was bitter over not getting more feedback. Wild countered that she had posted her DWU fics in early summer, but did not actually follow through with the spoof fanfic idea until several months later, when she just wanted a little fun after an intense period of script writing. Besides, what if the author had been real? Were the often brutal comments the fanfic received any kinder?

In any event, Wild's point was proven. While the better fanfics that surrounded it received maybe 10 comments apiece, DariaNTrent For-EVER!!!! snared close to 50. It still exists at SUSU's Lawndale Leftovers.

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