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Daria & Jodie is a proposed revival of the Daria TV series that is being shopped to streaming services by MTV. The revival has been described as a "re-imagining" of the series which will center around the title characters Daria Morgendorffer and Jodie Landon. The new series was first disclosed in an article from the AV Club website written on June 21, 2018. A further article from C21Media.Net indicated that the title was a working title.


The new series was announced as a trio of productions from MTV Studios, which included revivals of Aeon Flux and The Real World.

The creator/helm of the new series was announced as Grace Nkenge Edwards, a writer's assistant and story editor for such shows as Ugly Americans, Broad City, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Inside Amy Schumer who previously taught screenwriting at Columbia University. (Twitter: @gracyact)

The MTV press release stated that 'Daria & Jodie' would be a 'reinvention' as opposed to the term 'reboot'. From the release:

The iconic animated franchise is reinvented through the eyes of heroine Daria Morgendorffer and one of her closest friends Jodie Landon. These two smart young women take on the world, with their signature satirical voice while deconstructing popular culture, social classes, gender and race.

Direction of series[edit]

According to MTV Network president Chris McCarthy, "The story Grace Edwards wants to tell of Daria is different, it's about Daria and Jodie and two close friends taking on the world today and what's happening in our culture at large. she is a huge fan of Daria. What made Daria pop for us is because we love the franchise and Grace Edwards has a point of view and angle she wants to tell."

The series will most likely end on a streaming service and not with MTV. McCarthy stated that a streaming series more flexibility and allowed deeper storytelling than a traditional cable network would have allowed.

The language of the press release which describes Jodie as being one of Daria's closest friends opens the possibility that Daria and Jodie might not be best friends but might still be close.


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