Daria Behind The Scenes Special

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MTV's Daria Behind The Scenes Special was as its name sounds: a pre-S4 (after Amir Williams was cast as Mack) behind-the-scenes episode about how Daria was made, hosted by Janeane Garofalo ("no, I am not Daria! Geez, asshole!") and directed by Amy Palker. Facts include:

  • Glenn Eichler says near the end of each season, he and writers will discuss "what we did badly this year and not do that again next year".
  • Daria voice acting was all done solo in booths, never in groups (a norm for the industry).
  • It's said that in the "upcoming season, Daria embarks on a relationship with someone, kind of showing that Daria is growing as a character". They don't say who with and the Special evilly shows a clip of Trent talking to Daria.
  • Karen Disher says the show has gradually moved on from Daria being an outcast as other students now "respect her... because she respects herself."

During all of this, Eichler constantly sounds like Daria in tone and word.


The special on Youtube