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Daria/DC Animated Universe was a Round Robin Iron Chef in 2021, involving Shiva, Erin Mills, Two-Eyed Charlie, and Brian Taylor creating 'episodes'. The premise was that MTV shut down the animation department before 1997, selling cartoons off to WB - who then brought Daria out as the third series in the DC Animated Universe.

Thus Daria and Quinn are going to Gotham City instead of Lawndale, and each episode of the show is rewritten as a sardonic teen-aimed twist on DC canon. Tim Drake (Robin) turn out to be going to school with Daria, Jane Lane's family are implied to be DC-style mobsters, Upchuck turns out to be cousin of the Riddler, and Mrs. Manson's counterpart is a low-rent supervillain. Over time, it becomes more of a 'dramedy' and Daria has serious encounters with various villains. Each episode has a "Trivia" section detailing fandom news and behind-the-scenes "facts".

Various DC Comics characters and plots that never appeared in the real DCAU show up here, some of them altered; most significantly Anarky (who turns out to be a student at Gotham Academy as well) and Raven (who transfers), both ending up in Daria & Jane's social circle, and a DCAU version of Jason Todd. One episode has a gag that since they couldn't use John Constantine, they made a whole other gruff English warlock called Clark Ashton Smith.

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