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A Dariacon is any gathering of two or more Daria fans for any purpose. The jury is out on the issue of whether two Daria fans who get married still constitute a Dariacon, but the inclination is to say no. No organized public convention of Daria fans has ever taken place.

Example of Dariarotica from the MTV Daria website. Doubles as an example of squick.


Dariarotica is Daria fan work with erotic or sexual content. This is probably the ethalone: it's not too innocent to be an erotic work, but is still tolerated by most fans.


The sum total of all canon elements (people, places, plots) from the official Daria TV series and books. Sometimes also meant to include fan-added elements as well, but only if specifically noted as such. Increasingly used to mean each alternate universe in which Daria Morgendorffer appears in fanfic. (The earliest documented use of the term "Dariaverse" was in a fanfiction timeline for Peter Guerin's Daria: The OAV's series, dated March 27, 1999. He wrote it as "Daria-verse." NOTE: Be sure to enable Word to open "Word 2 and earlier Binary Documents and Templates". Go to File→Help→Options→Trust Center→Trust Center Settings→File Block Settings and uncheck the check box next to the aforementioned file type. Then, click the link and it should open!)


A term used during the show's first run on MTV to describe the period of time between the end of one season and the beginning of the next. See Drought and Mini-drought.


"Elves" was the nickname the Paperpusher gave his moderators. He was, in effect, the "Santa" of the Paperpusher's Message Board, while his moderators were Santa's Little Helpers with axes. The term was most used during the early days of the PPMB, 2000-2003, but has largely fallen out of use, especially since Kara Wild took over the message board.


A staple of nearly every message board, they are little graphic representations of people's emotions, and are used to punctuate users' posts. While the PPMB emoticons are plain yellow circles with faces, the SFMB emoticons come in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Evil T(h)om[edit]

The "super evil" interpretation of Tom Sloane. It is usually spelled as indicated, complete with the aitch bracketed in parentheses. See Thom.

The Kiss[edit]

Daria and Tom's mutual snogging in "Dye! Dye! My Darling," which caused a whole heap o' trouble in the series and in fandom, too. See The Kiss.


An in-joke from early Daria fandom which involved multicolored tomatoes with various supernatural abilities. See 'maters.


Abbreviation for "Our Heroine" (i.e., Daria Morgendorffer).

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