The Dark Legion is a group of villains in the serial "Legion of Lawndale Heroes". The group exists in a future timeline which might not be the actual future of the present-day legion. It was first seen in Volume 6, Part 5 ("Snapshot in Time".)

The known members of the Dark Legion are Paul Martinez, William Abbey and Penny Lane. It is unknown if the Dark Legion has had or had other members. Paul Martinez states that he has known Penny Lane for "over ten years" and his current-day self met Penny Lane for the first time in Mexico of 2005. This implies that the Dark Legion was formed sometime between 2005 and 2015.

William Abbey stated that "the reason the Dark Legion even exists is because of the Legion". It is not know if the Legion somehow contributes to the Dark Legion's creation, or if the Dark Legion is perversely "inspired" by the actual Legion. Of particular interest is the fact that Martinez, Abbey and Penny Lane's powers mirror those of Quinn Morgendorffer, Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane, respectively.

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Timestream Intervention edit

In their only appearance in LLH, the Dark Legion steal time traveling equipment and send a probe from the future which lands near the Legion's Quarry headquarters in May of 2005. The probe allows William Abbey to send mental signals through the timestream and enter the dreams of the Legionnaires. Furthermore, a psionic link with the other two Dark Legionnaires allows them to enter the dreams of the young Legionnaires as well.

However, Daria Morgendorffer discovers a way to travel from one dream universe to the next, allowing the Legionnaires to team up against their opponents. Before the Dark Legion can make a contingency plan, a unknown figure named Chrona exits the timestream at the point of the Dark Legion, assaulting the Dark Legion. The assault destroys the time travel equipment and renders the Dark Legion unconscious or injured, allowing the Legionnaires of the Dark Legion's time to apprehend him. (Jodie Landon is one of these future Legionnaires.)

Future of the Dark Legion edit

Both William Abbey and Paul Martinez made note of Penny Lane's increasing distance from reality. Each made plans to disassociate themselves from Penny Lane, but each was also worried that Penny Lane might seek revenge if they departed.