Dawn Hall

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Dawn Hall is a character in Roentgen's Legion of Lawndale Heroes.

Dawn Hall currently acts as Chief Executive Officer of the Quest Foundation, an institution founded by Russell Stark after he left Wizard Computers. She is known for her immaculately tailored suits, short stature (5'1") and her nasty temper. Her first appearance was in Episode 2:1, "More Money, More Problems".

When Stark turned over control of his fortune to the Legion, it included control of the Quest Foundation, which nominally funds the Legion. However, Dawn Hall has never approved of outsiders controlling Stark's money and believes that the decision by Stark to hand over his multibillions fortune to Jane Lane, Daria Morgendorffer, and Quinn Morgendorffer is nothing more than a momentary lapse of reason which will be corrected when circumstances permit. Rather than acting as a helpful assistant to the Legion, she views the Legionnaires as pests and any Legionnaire needing to speak to her will find themselves at the sharp end of a tongue-lashing whenever Hall becomes annoyed.

Unfortunately, because the Legionnaires don't understand the business world, the services of Dawn Hall will always be needed, and one Legionnaire will have to take a bullet for the team and phone Dawn Hall.


  • When Daria Morgendorffer tried to read Dawn Hall's mind, she had no success, leaving some fans to conclude that Hall might be a superhuman.
  • When meeting Trent Lane for the first time, Hall seemed to have an immediate attraction towards him, which Kyle Armalin jokingly referred to as her 'planning on indulging a previous schoolgirl crush held over from the days of grunge'. For his part, Trent Lane seemed to feel that seeing her with a pleasant demeanor improves her appearance, which he apparently likes.