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DeacBlue is a fanfiction author, best known in the Daria fandom for his AU series, The Author as a Lesbian.

Biographical Information[edit]

DeacBlue spent most of his formative years around St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in the process becoming an Eagle Scout (thus shocking everyone who knew him). Since then, he has gathered no moss, spending significant time in seven different states (not including repeats). He is, among other things, a veteran and a certified Linux technician. He is not currently owned by a cat.

Fanfiction History[edit]

DeacBlue began fanfic life as a Buffy: the Vampire Slayer author. While reading on the site, Twisting the Hellmouth, he came across April 10, 1997, which introduced him to a snarky young woman called Daria Morgendorffer. The character has fascinated him ever since, and he soon started writing for the ensemble.

DeacBlue, while not a Cheer Lord, tends to write fics with Daria, or Daria and Jane, as the protagonists, and almost all of them eventually turn out well for the girls. Almost all of his fics involve explicit or implied femslash, and he has been pegged as a Daria/Jane 'shipper.


  • DeacBlue was once a deckhand on a towboat.
  • Athens, Alabama is not as big as Athens, Greece.


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