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For the story by Micka, see Dega Street (story).

Dega Street is a street in downtown Lawndale's shopping district. It appeared in the series only infrequently.

Trent and Daria went there to find a birthday present for Jane, in the episode Pierce Me.

Dega Street Businesses[edit]

Axl's Piercing Parlor is there, as is an unnamed guitar shop that Trent appears to have occasionally patronized and the Funky Doodle clothing store.

The club The Zon, where Mystik Spiral played sometimes, is also located here, as are stores called 420, Dega Street Comix, Retro Duds, Reader Advisor (which seems to be a palm-reader/fortune teller business), and Hair For Freaks.

Dega Street in Fanfiction[edit]

It played a role in the fanfic The Thing That Perches in the Soul.

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