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Biographical Information[edit]

Derek is the fandom's resident expert on railroads. He is so obsessed with them that HelpfulSkittlesExplosion teasingly refers to anything involving trains as "Derek porn".

Fanon and Fan Culture Contributions[edit]

Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition[edit]

Derek's major contribution to Daria fanfic has been the "Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition" series, a cross-over with Saturday Night Live's "Celebrity Jeopardy" skits. In each fic, three contestants attempt to win on Jeopardy, but always lose in the most ludicrous manner possible. The first fic, "Breasts of Burden", featured characters from Daria, with Alex Trebek as the host. Later fics in the series ("Homo-erotic Necrophilia", "You Taste Of Bun", and "Decomposed Dicks") have featured other fanfic writers as contestants with Derek as the host. Because of this, Angelboy (who frequently appears in the series) sometimes calls Derek "Trebitch" in chat. Angelboy has also taken on the role of being a total pain in the neck for the host, a la Sean Connery in the SNL skits.

Lawndale Online[edit]

Derek is currently involved in creating the new Lawndale Online website, primarily as a coder.

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