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Disco316 (sometimes written Disco 3:16) is a Daria fan from Wisconsin who has been writing stories since September 2008. The name Disco 3:16 came from his first and most successful fantasy professional wrestler, an amalgamation of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Disco Inferno. As a fan of the Pet Shop Boys, he name-drop or lyric-dropped them wherever possible.

Ryan Mickelson is an original character created by Disco316 based on himself, which he uses when, according to the author, he feels "lazy". Attempts at shipping Ryan with a canon character, usually Quinn or Stacy, have predictably failed miserably, to the point that the author has made it a running gag on the Scenes That Should Not Be threads.


If you're looking for random obscure references, look through just about any of the Works below. They may be too obscure to notice, but they're there.

    1776+222 (Give or Take)
   Acts of Cupidity
   The Brain and the Beauty Redux
   Coming Second
   Daylight: Falling From Grace
   Daylight: The Fugitives
   A Double-Blind Trial
   Fundamental Daria
   The Handoff
   In Vino Veritas
   Once Upon a Time in Lawndale
   Project Runaway
   The Quinn Show
   Rainbow Disconnection
   Snuffed Animals
   Whose Whine Is It Anyway?

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

2008 Daria Fanworks Awards:

  • Favorite Overall (tie) for The Quinn Show
  • Favorite Use of a Background or Supporting Character From the Television Series for Daylight: When the Ball Dropped (Charles and Stacy)
  • Favorite Crossover (tie) for The Quinn Show
  • Favorite New Author

2009 Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

  • Favorite Movie Parody for Once Upon a Time in Lawndale
  • Favorite Holiday Story (tie) for Acts of Cupidity

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