Doc Martens

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Dr. Martens boots, commonly known as Doc Martens (and commonly misspelt "Martins"), is the supposed brand of boots worn by Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane. The brand was a popular fandom assumption until 2012, when MTV Style called their boots Doc Martins: Daria with the 14 eyelet, Jane with the 20 eyelet boot.

Doc Martens boots were associated with the working class and youth culture in the United Kingdom, particularly the punk movement. Many brands of Doc Martens are basic black, steel eyelet, high lace boots which can rise to mid-calf or higher. Fans very quickly began associating Daria's footwear with the distinctive Doc Martens brand.

Daria's boots are an iconic image of the character; the degree of this is shown in the awards given for the Daria Fanworks Awards, which are also known as 'the Booties'.