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Dog Man Star is a Braceface/Daria crossover fan fiction novel, written by PPMB member starmeshelion. The novel is notable for being a long form of song fiction (or "album fiction"), as it features twelve episodes which correspond with Britpop band Suede's 1994 album Dog Man Star's twelve songs in their sequencing order. As a general rule, the episodes usually never directly quote the actual song lyrics, and the connection with the songs is more often than not loose and structural rather than pertaining to the song's actual meaning, be it objective or subjective. As such, the genre, style and tone of the novel change drastically as it progresses, going from hardcore fluff through melancholy to a state of mind which the author describes as "violent woolgathering". Most other inspirations for the novel are also musical, not literary.

The novel is also notable for featuring The Fashion Club. They appear in three episodes and are referred to throughout the novel. (Daria herself is very briefly mentioned in the eighth episode.) In spite of Starmeshelion's renowned veneration of Fashion Club Secretary Stacy Rowe, her depiction within the narrative is mostly objective and does not veer from her canon-established characterization. Some of Stacy's descriptions, however, were mutually inspired by German non-fan fiction author Anne Cornelia Emkes, who served as a beta reader of sorts on four episodes.


  • As a running joke and in order to reflect the novel's Canadian theme, Avril Lavigne is referred to in almost every episode (at one point directly by Quinn Morgendorffer), and her description changes according to each episode's distinct style.

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