Dominic Greyson

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In Diane Long's Daria Continuum, Dominic Greyson was introduced in the story Restoration as a CFO of a multi-media conglomerate that owns the New Yorker, whom Daria entered into a relationship with.

Essentially Daria's intention was to try leading him around by his dick because after Trent had said something mean about Daria after his jealous ex-girlfriend had trapped Daria on a window ledge on an apartment she and Trent had co-habited in nearly killing Daria with hypothermia, therefore making Dara excessively sensitive to such comments, she had decided romance was useless and that the only thing sex was good for was manipulation. ... Or something.

Anyway, she fucked it up and he tried to trap her into dependency on him, after she hears him conspiring with his mates, she breaks it off, he hits her across the face, she then goes to Jane's, Trent drops yet another clanger, Daria goes to the really really shit apartment, Trent follows her, and then Dominic shows up, and Trent punches him, and then Dominic runs away crying like a little cry bitch.

Then in the sequel, Retribution, Dominic and Monique team up and start harassing Daria and Trent, eventually they end up on a talk show where Dominic ends up trying to attack Daria again, but gets his own ass kicked instead because Daria's now better at violence than he is.

Other Appearances[edit]

Dominic has also appeared in Psychotol's 'Living Dead Girls' where the Living Dead Girls Illyria accidentally gets quantum leaped into Diane's Daria Continuum by a malfunctioning Draconian Katra spell.