Erin Danielson-Chambers

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As seen in "It's All About Respect," Erin Danielson-Chambers is a member of the Barksdale clan and the estranged wife of Alfred Brian Chambers IV. She is also the author of a series of successful children's books featuring a fictional cat named Samantha, who travels about the world learning about different places.

Sometime during her late teens, Erin was an intern in the Clinton White House. (It is strongly hinted that this occurred because Rita Barksdale, her mother, had a previous relationship with President Bill Clinton.) It was there that Erin met Kyle Armalin, at that time a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps and a briefing officer to the White House staff on DELPHI operations; he was also living in the same apartment complex where Rita had bought Erin accommodations. Erin and Kyle began a very intense relationship that wasn't acceptable to Erin's mother and grandmother, and a visit by Kyle to the Barksdale estate failed to smooth matters over. (It was suggested later by Hanley Phillips that if Kyle had brought up details of his life, such as being a fighter pilot or having played football while a cadet at the U.S. Naval Academy, including his performance in an Army-Navy football game, the reception he received would have been much more cordial and accepting.)

The relationship ended when Kyle suddenly disappeared from Erin's life and from public view. (This was a result of his refusal to coerce Trent Lane into DELPHI, and his subsequent transfer to the Arctic.) After a period of depression about the affair, Erin met 'Brian' Chambers, and married him a year later, with much prodding from her mother and grandmother. The relationship fell apart almost immediately, and (unlike her counterpart on Daria-Prime), Erin felt no need to later try to rekindle the relationship, as she did not contract herpes from Brian. (It is unclear how this occurred; either (most unlikely) Brian did not have the disease, or Erin is a Delta Nightbreed due to her long-term, intimate relationship with Kyle.) Also, Erin refused to sign the pre-nup agreement that Brian wanted, denying him any claim on her financial assets.

Erin encountered Kyle once again, when he was teaching a special sociology at Lawndale High, and they resumed their relationship after several rough moments. It remains to be seen if their relationship will endure; after finding out the purpose of Kyle's true purpose at LHS from Brian and Franklin Davers, Erin was devastated.

Several of Erin's friends have referred to her with the nickname "baby bird." The origin of this is unknown. However, she does not like Kyle using that nickname to address her.