Esteeming Lysistrata

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The 31th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during mid-October, 2000.


Quinn is back in her element with all the new boys at Pepperhill. However, she feels guilty because Fran spends her nights alone, often reading romances. Out of friendship, she finds Fran a date to double with from a fraternity allied with Theta Theta Theta, Quinn's sorority. So that she looks good, Quinn takes Fran out shopping for new clothes. Meanwhile, Jane and Daria celebrate the fourth anniversary of their meeting and when they get home from pizza, Erin is waiting for them. She tells them that she's in Boston to hand deliver some papers for work and to look for employment in the area for when she leaves Brian. Fran's date freaks out when he sees her, and along with Quinn's date and another fraternity member make cruel remarks before leaving. Quinn decides that they must pay and calls Daria, who suggests a plan from Greek literature.

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"Esteeming Lysistrata"
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