Evelyn Veronica Morgendorffer

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Created by Brother Grimace and first seen in The Trouble With Veronica, Evelyn Veronica ('Evie') Morgendorffer is the third and youngest of the Morgendorffer sisters (abeit only in some parts of fandom works of fiction). Based upon the character of Veronica Morgendorffer (created by Robert Nowall), 'Evie' was created as a unique being in her own right, hence the differing name.


As stated above, Evie's first appearance was in The Trouble With Veronica. She was also seen in the Evil Daria Vignettes, a series of short fan written bits that began in late 2007 on the PPMB.

Differences between 'Ronnie' and 'Evie'[edit]

  • Ronnie is roughly Quinn and Daria's height; at 6'1, Evie is easily the tallest of the Morgendorffers.
  • Ronnie has a physical appearance similar to Quinn's, yet has the same eye condition - and the same glasses - as Daria; Evie is strikingly more physically attractive than either older sister, with dark scarlet hair that she prefers cut short, a slender figure and very long legs (she prefers to wear slacks or full skirts). She also has a pair of glasses like Daria's, but also wears prescription sunglasses.
  • No mention has (yet) been made of Ronnie's intellectual skills; Evie is far more intelligent than Daria (her IQ is listed in the 190's on the Stanford-Binet scale).
  • Ronnie is usually not seen because Daria (in a running joke) has literally 'forgotten her existence'; Evie is never seen because she is living at Grove Hills Academy, where she has a full scholarship and serves as an Ambassador for the academy in her Senior year.
  • Evie is a singer of professional skill, and has a talent with the piano and keyboards (which her father Jake also has - in a minimal degree).
  • Evie also differs from Quinn and Daria in that she's very much an average young woman in personality, whereas Quinn is a 'teen popularity queen' and Daria is an intellectual and cynical 'misery chick'. Evie also seems very intimidated by her sisters, and feels as though she's still very much the 'little sister'.
  • Evie, like Daria, shows signs of being a polymath (being well-versed in many fields) but as of present, expresses pronounced interest in mathematics, languages, music, literature, geophysics and meteorology). Evie seems highly aware of Daria's competitive and defensive nature, and goes out of her way to assure Daria that they are not interested in the same intellectual pursuits; she seems more inclined to the hard sciences, as opposed to Daria's literary/journalisic leanings.


  • Evie was given her name as an attempt by Helen and Jake to make a peace with Helen's estranged mother, which failed. As a result, the Morgendorffers started calling the child 'Evie'.
  • In the Evil Daria Vignettes, Evie was tutored for a number of years by Paula Trainor, who at the time was a Major in the U.S. Air Force and acting as a recruiting officer for DELPHI by administering covert recruiting seminars in educational facilities.
  • Despite her looks, Evie is not yet interested in dating, and feels very uncomfortable with her physical appearance (to the point that she doesn't like to wear skirts or dresses with short hems, as they show off her legs). Unlike Daria, Evie's physical attractiveness is so blatant that neither her intellect or her glasses are able to turn away male attention.
  • Vidalia's pet ferret, Alabama, believes that he's actually Evie's pet, and ignores Vidalia but not Evie. He sleeps in her bed, and follows her directions.
  • Some of the students at Grove Hills referred to Evie as 'MV' for 'Mount Veronica' - a term referencing her height, and a derogatory term used to mean having a desire to have sex with her. The term died out VERY quickly, once it was discovered by her friends.
  • Like her sisters, Evie possesses the elemental affinity of Quintessance.
  • In creating 'Evie', Brother Grimace felt that such an interesting concept as the creation of a 'third Morgendorffer sister' shouldn't be wasted by simply making her a cross of Daria and Quinn's characteristics. With that in mind, he set out to make her an individual in her own right, with unique qualities that mark her as a Morgendorffer but set her apart from her sisters. (Examples include their hair; like her sisters, Evie has a red shade of hair, but it is a dark scarlet as opposed to Daria's auburn shade or Quinn's 'carrot-top'. Also, unlike her sisters, Evie wears her hair fashionably short.)