Everyone's Favorite Disease

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Everyone's Favourite Disease (also formatted as EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE DISEASE, by Daria Morgendorffer) is a fanfic written by SPEEDCOREIDOLATER. It was first published on Archive Of Our Own on November 8, 2022.


The fic is a short story written by Daria Morgendorffer about the hypothetical future of her family. In it, she makes a weekly visit to the retirement home where Helen and Jake are residents. She finds them continuing to act out the roles of lawyer and consultant, Helen trying to call Eric with a slipper, Jake still screaming for his father's approval and both 'networking' by the rec room's big couch. Daria states that this is a typical occurrence. She goes on to lay out that this affliction is not Alzheimer's as one might assume, but instead conformity.

2022 Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

Favourite Pre-Canon or Post-Canon - nominated

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