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A Daria/Crocodile Hunter crossover fic by Brandon League in which Daria signs over the Morgendorffer House to Steve Irwin while her parents are out of town, so that he can hunt Coral Snakes in the backyard. The fic was nominated for two categories at the 2006 Booties ("Favourite Comedy", "Favourite Crossover/Parody") but sadly failed to win. However, the author was tickled pink just to be nominated, so there weren't any hard feelings.

On a sad note, the fic was written about six months before Irwin's tragic death and the day he died, the author posted a link to the fic in a thread at PPMB as a sort of tribute.

It was a written as a result of one of the many "Scenes No Daria Fic Should Have" threads on PPMB.

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