Ezra Stone

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Ezra Stone is a fictional character in Doggieboy's A Little Vacation. He is trying to invent a teleportation machine and uses unwilling people as guinea pigs, including Daria Morgendorffer.

He was unaware of just what his invention was capable of, or of the fact that his continual use of the machine captured the attention of DELPHI.

It is revealed in a story from Tales of the Ringbearers that Stone received his funding from a department code-named Dunwich, headed by the Robert Bakeson from the Earth labeled "Daria-320."

Though it hasn't been revealed how he did it, Stone had zombies within his house in Lawndale, whom apparently managed to kill their caretaker. Ringbearers Archangel, Valkyrie and Tiberius destroyed those zombies, but as a result, the house is under constant Ringbearer surveillance, as per The Cynic and The Defender.

Stone is currently in the custody of the DELPHI of the world labeled "Daria-5".

Alternate Versions of Ezra Stone[edit]

A female version of Ezra Stone, named Ezri Stone, was seen in LSauchelli's Avenging, working for Kang.