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First seen in Legion of Lawndale Heroes 12.6, "Bop Til You Drop," Fabian Isoroku Nogura III is a Cadet Second Class at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies, and a member of Training Cadre 2996 (also known as The Alliance).


The tallest member of his cadre, Fabian (usually addressed as ‘Ian’ by everyone) is 6’4, weighs 170 pounds and is very slender, incredibly fit and exceptionally handsome (see 'Powers'). He draws attention by simply entering an area; while he wears his hair as long as regulations allow, he prefers his jet-black hair long and well-groomed (which he does during the USAES summer break and did during his internship year), and he has the same dark, ocean blue eyes that his mother does.

Born in New York City and raised in Tokyo (until he was selected for USAES), Fabian is the oldest child and only son of Fabian Nogura, Junior, an incredibly wealthy and influential Japanese business tycoon through his global agricultural and specialty cattle interests, and Andromeda Eastgate, an American woman he met while both were studying in college at Notre Dame (who is now the CFO of the conglomerate). (Both of his parents possess powers: Fabian, Jr. has wings and a Class Three air-control ability, while Andromeda has a low-level Class Two electromagnetic abilities analogous to the metahuman Virgil Hawkins, a.k.a. 'Static'.

Fabian also has four sisters (all as attractive as he is) and spent much time fending off his sisters’ suitors; ironically, he is the best friend of Jeffrey Brace (who, like Fabian, also has many younger sisters who also have similar powers to his), and like Jeffrey, has fashioned his academic path along the lines of his early childhood. Because of his city of birth and his mother's nationality (she never renounced her American citizenship), Fabian has dual American and Japanese citizenship. He is majoring in International Business and Trade with a minor in Administration of Justice; Fabian plans to attend law school after graduation (to serve in the Japanese Self-Defense Force's JAG Corps), and intends to work for his father’s business interests in America afterward). However, because of events during his last year at USAES (and because he doesn’t want to leave his friends in The Alliance), Fabian is strongly considering accepting a commission in the United States Navy and a position in the U.S. Navy JAG Corps).

Like Jeffrey, Fabian is a perennial skirt-chaser, and the two can usually be found out together pursuing members of the opposite sex.


Weather Generation and Manipulation: Fabian has the ability to generate, manipulate and control weather conditions in a large radius around himself. He can manipulate the weather in a 50-mile radius around his current location, or spontaneously create weather conditions that could not naturally occur in an area, or if the current weather in the area cannot support the conditions he wants. (This ability covers a dramatically smaller area than he can normally effect; he can only use this facet of his power over a six-mile radius.) Fabian can also use any specific weather-based effect for offensive uses; examples include lightning, blasts of superheated or arctic-level air, and channeled streams of freezing rain. The process of manipulating weather patterns is physically taxing for Fabian; he can actively use his weather-control powers for roughly four hours per day.

Weather Detection: Fabian possesses an near-psionic-based awareness to sense changes in weather patterns in an even greater radius than his weather-control abilities, and the cause of those changes. He can sense weather conditions up to 500 miles away, and can accurately predict weather patterns for an area out to five days away with near-perfect accuracy.

Flight: Like his father, Fabian possesses the ability to fly (through the use of summoning winds to propel him and keep him aloft). Fabian can fly at speeds of up to 600 MPH for as long as he is physically able; when using his weather-control powers in tandem with his flight-ability, Fabian can reach speeds of just over Mach 2 (around 1,400 MPH) for roughly three hours. Fabian also an amazing level of agility when in flight, and can easily avoid most objects and offensive weapons. Because of the nature of his powers, he is invulnerable to the effects of high-speed flight and the environment he is traversing. Because of this, Fabian can even use his powers to travel and operate underwater (even at extreme depths) or in outer space without survival equipment.

Skywalking: Fabian possesses the ability to literally ‘walk on air’, as he creates an invisible area of solidity that extends ten feet from him in all directions. (He can make the area opaque, if he chooses). No one standing on his 'walkway' can accidentally fall off; in addition, it does not dissipate if he is rendered unconscious or falls asleep (he can sleep on the path), and cannot be overturned or be affected by weather conditions while he is airborne. The combined use of his air-based abilities allows Fabian to make trans-continental flights under his own power. He can use this skill to move at up to 120 MPH. This is not an ability Fabian chooses to use very often.

Mystical Affinity: Like his teammate Maryann Lyter and similar to the Canadian Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (also known as Talisman of Alpha Flight), Fabian's powers (although he is classified as a metahuman) have a supernatural/mystical basis that allows him to spontaneously create and manipulate weather patterns and conditions in his area of effect without affecting other extant weather patterns. Unlike persons with mystic abilities (and like Talisman), Fabian's abilities and innate control of such acts are more along the lines of a mutant ability; for this reason (and the fact that he does not register on appropriate scanners as generating mystical energies, even when actively using his powers), he is not considered eligible by the USAES administration to be accepted in the Mystic Enhancement metahuman course concentration (traditionally one of the largest groups of cadets at USAES).

This has caused a constant level of agitation between the members of The Alliance and the cadets in the USAES Mystic Enhancement program, as they feel slighted at seemingly being omitted from inclusion in what is now commonly seen as the Academy's premiere Cadet Special Operations Unit (the official title given to groups such as The Alliance) since their encounter with the members of the Legion. (Neither Fabian or Maryann (whose powers include invulnerability to mystical or even divine effects and the ability to penetrate mystic visual effects with her 'True Sight' and 'perception filters') was listed or required to take classes in the USAES Mystic Enhancement program; there have been repeated attempts by cadets and instructors to 'steal' them for the program.)


Fabian is a gifted photographer, and has an impressive collection of cameras from around the world at his home in Japan. He also loves anything on two wheels (bikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles) and has bonded with his teammate Carolyn Field over their mutual enjoyment of motorcycles.

Due to his father's 'insistence' that he at least attempt to maintain some sense of the family traditions, Fabian has an impressive level of skill in the martial art of kendo, but prefers firearms. During his time at USAES, he has become a marksman of championship level, especially with pistols; he also serves as one of the two 'Designated Marksmen' for his cadre (his best friend Jeffrey Brace is the other). In order to please his mother, Fabian also learned how to play acoustic guitar to please his mother; he also began playing electric guitar at the same time Jeffrey began playing drums (for the express purpose of picking up more girls). Fabian speaks perfect English and Japanese, and can converse in both Korean and French like a native speaker.

While his kendo skills would easily satisfy USAES regulations on all cadets training for advanced weapons or fighting skills, Fabian chose to be trained in the martial skill of the Gun Kata (one of the primary skill-courses chosen by most Cadets in the USAES Combatant/Archivist-Ultimate Studies/Extranormal Program) to satisfy their requirements). He possesses near-metahuman talents with firearms. During his internship year, his father presented him with two specially-commissioned Beretta Model 96 .40 S&W select-fire pistols.

Like Zoey Robertson, Fabian is also a acknowledged 'fashion aficionado' and when not required to be present in Academy or military dress, he will always be found in the most fashion-forward attire.