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Falling From Grace is a trilogy of stories written by Disco316. Using the Daylight shared world setting, Falling From Grace supposes that the first of the CME's occurs on the morning of January 1, 2000; from a canon point of view, this is shortly after the magic show from the episode Life in the Past Lane.

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

When the Ball Dropped[edit]

In the first episode of the trilogy, Upchuck convinces Stacy to stay with him in his father's high-tech fallout shelter/party room on New Year's Eve after Stacy confides in Upchuck that she doesn't want to die a virgin. The night passes without incident, but when the Coronal Mass Ejection reaches Earth that morning, Stacy and Upchuck consider their options. Will they leave the safety of their bunker to find their friends and families? Who, indeed, has survived Zero Hour?

When the Ball Dropped encompasses the day before, the day of, and the three days after the CME.

Winner of Favorite Use of a Background or Supporting Character from the Television Series (Charles and Stacy) at the 5th Daria Fanworks Awards

The Road to Nowhere[edit]

Upchuck, Stacy, Quinn, and Sandi head out from Lawndale and Baltimore as conditions deteriorate. They make the decision to cross the Maryland Panhandle and head for Charleston, West Virginia. Along the way, they encounter a number of towns and cities: some abandoned, some friendly, and some, like Cumberland, hostile. As Stacy and Upchuck's relationship continues to grow, what will happen to Quinn and Sandi, especially when one of the four turns up missing? What is the Doomsday Device? Who is Ryan, and what is he doing with one of our heroes?

The Road to Nowhere takes place in the weeks after the CME, and covers the trip across Maryland.

I Should Have Been Home Yesterday[edit]

The third and final episode of the trilogy, I Should Have Been Home Yesterday covers the ensuing trip through West Virginia. A communication intended for the US Secretary of Labor has fallen into the hands of our heroes, and they vow to deliver the letter if it's the last thing they do. Will they reach the Secretary in time? Who are the JJ5, and how will they affect the situation? When our heroines reach Nitro, who, if anyone, can stop the inevitable explosion?

I Should Have Been Home Yesterday begins on January 31st and continues through the month of February.

It was nominated for Favorite Science-Fiction in the 2009 Daria Fanworks Awards.


The name Falling From Grace comes from the chorus of Robbie Williams' song "Millennium". "We have stars directing our fates/and we're praying it's not too late/'cause we know we're falling from grace/Millennium."

When the Ball Dropped refers to the New Year's tradition wherein a giant lighted ball lowers in New York City's Times Square as the final seconds of the old year tick down.

The Road to Nowhere references the Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere".

I Should Have Been Home Yesterday is a line from the John Denver song "Country Roads". "Country Roads" was written about West Virginia, and this is where the episode takes place.

The note intended for the Secretary of Labor is entitled Executive Order 509. Episode 509 was Life in the Past Lane, where Stacy becomes Upchuck's assistant at his magic show, the last canon event to occur prior to this story.

Peter Senerchia, the Secretary of Labor, takes his name from the real name of former ECW and WWE wrestler and commentator, and current color commentator for TNA, Tazz.

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