Fate for Breakfast

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"Fate for Breakfast" is a series by Two-Eyed Charlie.

Two-Eyed Charlie had noticed that, in a lot of respects, Jane was almost treated like a back-up singer for Daria. Which is to say, while she offered a lot of support, she didn't necessarily get much time to stand on her own despite being an important character. He wrote "Fate for Breakfast" to explore this idea, specifically how Jane would have no choice but stand on her own during the awkward six extra months she gets to stay in Lawndale while Daria's off at Raft.

Things start off simply enough, with Daria and Jane indulging in a few end-of-summer/childhood adventures, only slightly marred by how Jane still feels like an accessory to her (only) friend. Things get dramatic when Daria leaves and the bank forecloses on Jane's house, forcing her to seek shelter in the Morgendorffer house. Some shelter's better than none, but it feels like she's gone from being an extension of Daria to becoming an extension of Daria's parents. When's Jane just going to be Jane?

Over the next several stories, she starts to find out.


The series currently consists of the following stories:

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