Father Jack

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Headmaster of Saint Crisaunt School in the Bronx, ??-present. The only known entity to call Jim Vitale by a diminutive: Father Jack calls him "Jimmy." Vitale, curiously for him, calls Father Jack . . . well, "Father Jack." Or simply "Father."

He is a small, clean shaven man, with features that are not so much wrinkled as rubbery, and an abundance of white hair that is nonetheless kept short and well groomed. He always wears glasses. His speech is a bit halting, and he may stammer, "Ah, ah, ah, ah—" before speaking fluidly. His voice is low and phlegmy.

He shares one trait with Vitale: smoking wherever it is not permitted, although he smokes unfiltered cigarettes of an unknown, and likely undistinguished, brand. Otherwise, he is quite polite, even deferential to most people, but he has a tendency towards pedantry. He has a vast knowledge of literature, classical music (meaning art music in the European tradition, not the music of that tradition's classical period), and philosophy, especially (and surprisingly) Anglo-American analytic philosophy. You'd think a Catholic priest would specialize in Thomism.

Wait, is he a Catholic priest? He sure looks like one.