Finishing Touches

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Finishing Touches is the sixty-eighth installment of Roentgen's Legion of Lawndale Heroes series. It was initially titled 8:8 (Chapter 8, Part 8), and was given a title for the first time when coding of the older postings of LLH on the PPMB was corrected. It is the last LLH story to be retroactively titled.

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

The Legion ends their enforced vacation and reunites.


  • This story takes place over more than one month, perhaps three.
  • It is revealed that Bai Zheng was born on or around April 5, 993 CE.
  • Upchuck's first solo flight is in a Diamond Eclipse.
  • Sandi Griffin passes Sergeant Nemec's retest, joining (at the time) Jane, Daria and Upchuck as having completed their GEDs and being allowed to set their own study schedules.
  • Quinn Morgendorffer and Stacy Rowe become very close to passing, but do not pass. Tiffany Blum-Deckler, according to Kyle Armalin, is "crawling out of the hole".
  • Legion Tower opens. Quinn (perhaps fittingly) flips the switch that turns the lights on the finished product.
  • Jane Lane's term as Legion Leader nears its closing. Daria states that "it's almost been a year" since they gained their powers.
  • It is later revealed in LLH 12:1 ("The Wild and The Young") that Quinn snuck off with a chapter of the National Legion to visit post-Katrina New Orleans.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • John Dynell, finishing up his time with Daria.
  • Michael Baker, Dynell's assistant, who suggests that Dynell intern at Dynell Security.
  • Johann, Quinn's massage therapist in Arizona.
  • Ralph Hess, formerly known as "The Instructor", who supervises Upchuck's first solo flight.
  • Dawn Hall, present for the opening of Legion Tower.