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First Summer is a series of stories by Richard Lobinske written in script format that examines Daria's life during the summer between her sophomore and junior years of high school (between seasons 2 and 3). The script format was in response to urging from Kara Wild to try the different style. In continuity, the author considers the series to be a prequel to Last Summer and Falling Into College.

Stories in Series[edit]

Publicly Related

  • Beginning of the First Summer series, set during the summer between seasons 2 and 3, Daria’s ‘useful activity’ assignment is to be an public relations intern with Helen’s law firm while Quinn is volunteered to work in a day care center.

Leading By Example

  • When the Brittany and the girls from the State Cheerleading Camp begin to attract more attention from the boys of Lawndale, the Fashion Club fights back , Meanwhile, Daria tries to survive the assault of shallow attraction.

Fun on the Fourth

  • It’s the Fourth of July in Lawndale. Helen and Jake want a family outing to the town celebration and Jodie is hosting her annual July Fourth party at the park. Sounds like a simple, fun day, right?

Driving Fear

  • Daria’s beginning to learn to drive, much to Jake and Helen’s horror. When they both refuse to ride with her again, who will Daria turn to for driving lessons?

Bored of the Dance

  • It’s Saturday morning with 57 channels and nothing on. Daria and Jane set out on a quest to find something to interesting to do, eventually ending up dodging the Fashion Club at the Lawndale Mall with Jodie and Mack and avoiding the children’s talent show also there.

It’s Not All Bad

  • With her boss backlogged on another case at the law firm, Daria is given principal responsibility for the public relations for a local business being threatened with a hostile takeover from a larger corporation.


  • Jake and Helen take SCUBA lessons for a family island cruise near the end of summer, a cruise everyone is looking forward to except Daria, who desperately wants to avoid it.

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