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Sandi Griffin's pet cat, mentioned in passing in "The Misery Chick". At the end of the episode, a bored-sounding Sandi states that Fluffy had eaten some make-up and been puking everywhere, and she wanted some advice about how to not feel "bummed out" about it. (Daria, ticked off with being asked for advice, unashamedly rips Sandi off.)

Fluffy in Fanfic[edit]

Fluffy has often been used in fan works where there is a focus on Sandi, especially her family life. Sandi is usually shown to care deeply for her cat.

Other Fluffies[edit]

Fluffy was also the name of Jane Lane's hypothetical cat, as revealed in an online chat organized by MTV after the premiere of Is It Fall Yet? Apparently, Jane did not think of Zachary and Taylor as her cats. (They could have been left by the Lane parents.)