Forbes Carlyle

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A college friend of Helen Morgendorffer, Forbes Carlyle is the lifetime companion of Paige Turner in fanfics by Brother Grimace. The only daughter of the uber-wealthy Spaulding Carlyle and Stepford Carlyle (also the granddaughter of Miranda Carlyle and a descendant of Majel Carlyle), Forbes was a double major (Archaeology and Art History) at Middleton College when she met Paige (also known as Serenity) and they fell in love, becoming a couple almost immediately afterward.

Forbes' friendship with Helen and Jake cooled after their graduation from Middleton. In earlier Grimace fanfics, this partly because of Jake's slight jealously over Forbes' ability to deal with her family problems in a way he never could, and partly because of the way he refused an offer to work for her family as an entry-level marketing rep in the Carlyle business empire. After Helen's graduation from Middleton, Forbes and Paige had even accompanied her on her month-long vacation paid for by Helen's mother as a ruse to try and break her and Jake up. (Over the course of their vacation, the three women engaged in many playfully erotic adventures) In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe, Helen simply drifted apart from Forbes and Paige; Jake had no problems with them, and they all became reacquainted at the Middleton College reunion.

Currently, Forbes lives with Paige in a supremely affluent surburb of Denver, Colorado, where she also works as an international antiques broker. It is also stated that there has been little said in a negative manner about Forbes and Paige as a couple - mainly because of the family's immense wealth, but also because the Carlyle family has truly accepted Paige as one of them.

Forbes is 5'7 and very attractive, with dark scarlet hair, cream-colored skin and blue eyes. (All Carlyle women have dark scarlet hair.) She is the mother of Julia Carlyle, who attends the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies and has a strong familial resemblance (except that Julia has green eyes). She birthed Julia with the help of Deforest Carlyle, a fourth cousin who she had dated during her last year of high school and first year of college (before she met Paige), and they have a close relationship as friends and Julia's parents (along with Paige).


Color Manipulation: Forbes has the ability to change the color of any substance or form of energy, and can do so with anything and everything within in a one hundred and forty-meter radius. Forbes has perfect control over her changes, which last for one hour or just over four days (about one hundred hours); she can change them back immediately. Color changes do not change the properties of substances or form of energy. Forbes can make a color change permanent; she has to concentrate undisturbed on her target for one minute. While not having anything near the training that her daughter has, Forbes still has long experience in playing with her abilities, and has learned many tricks over her lifetime:

  • Forbes has learned how to 'hide' her heat signature and that of others by suppressing the heat signature/changing it to other frequencies of 'light':
  • She can change the frequency of the ambient light in an area in order to detect energy signatures of active equipment, living beings, and even radiant energy sources (such as laser grids and spotlights). She can also dampen down, amplify, or shift the frequency (color) as she wants. This allows her to use artificial lights as weapons; she can increase the light to blind attackers, or shift the light entirely to red (or blue-green, if underwater) in order to use the light as a laser.
  • She can see inside sealed/locked areas and containers by turning materials transparent.
  • She can render EM-based weapons (or any communications, surveillance/reconnaissance or defensive measures that rely on EM-specrum based energies) inoperable.

Invulnerability to Electromagnetic Radiation: Because of the nature of her powers, Forbes possesses an extreme natural resistance to all forms and effects of EM-based radiation. Due to this, Forbes cannot get sunburned or be blinded (accidentally or deliberately) by any form of light; she is unaffected by fallout, and such weapons-effects (like EMPs) are ineffective against her. Forbes can allow her body to lessen its resistance for short periods of time (thus allowing her to suntan, have X-rays taken, etc.); she can also extend her protection to anyone she touches, or if she is inside a vehicle or domicile, she can extend her protection to all persons & items within.

Mental Shield: Like all members of the Clan Carlyle, Forbes possesses the hereditary power of an innate psionic shield that protects her from all mystical, psionic, neural and emotion-based probes and attacks, regardless of the form or level of power involved. This shield is always in place, but Forbes can selectively lower it to allow others to scan or contact her.