Franklin Davers

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Franklin Delano Davers is a fictional character first seen in Brother Grimace's "It's All About Respect." A full Colonel in the United States Army and the leader of P.O.G.O. Group Ten, Franklin is a former associate of Kyle Armalin as well as friend, but their friendship ended under unknown circumstances related to Kyle's refusal to force Trent Lane into joining DELPHI. Franklin seems to have a special status as a personal 'troubleshooter' for General Robert Bakeson, in which he performs sensitive or distasteful tasks (such as providing information on Kyle's recruitment activities to Erin Danielson-Chambers, or sanctioning Brian Chambers because of his knowledge of DELPHI).

Currently a member of the P.O.G.O. teams, Franklin possesses the same metahuman powers that Kyle does as the result of a blood transfusion after being selected for "Project Nightbreed' status earlier in his career. He is classified as a 'Beta Nightbreed'.(See Project Nightbreed entry.) However, unlike Armalin, Franklin possesses the ability to enhance his flight speed, and can achieve speeds of just over 4000 MPH (Mach 5+) for an indefinite period before he becomes too fatigued to continue (he is capable of high-speed flight for over twelve hours). He also has a a higher resistance than normal to friction and wind damage, which also makes him more resistant to physical damage. These are abilities that seems to be exclusive to Franklin; however, other Beta Nightbreed in Kyle's direct bloodline seen capable of overcoming the physiological blocks that Kyle has to some of his powers.

Franklin entered the U.S. military as a cadet at West Point and was a star quarterback, fielding offers from many NFL teams. (In the 'Army-Navy' game of his junior year, Franklin was humiliated when he was sacked five times by a Navy cadet in his last year... Kyle Armalin.) Prior to his transfer to DELPHI, Franklin was a member of Special Forces, completed his Ranger certifications, and spent three years during his captaincy in Special Services, where he was involved in a myriad of public-affairs and diplomatic duties. (He moved through the ranks with unusual speed because of the connections he has made in those circles, and is almost certain to rise to flag rank before the age of forty - an amazing feat for an officer involved with special operations.) Among his decorations are two Distinguished Service Crosses; one earned for his actions during the rescue of international health workers from a drug cartel in South America, and the second for the rescue of an U.S. Ambassador from neo-Nazi extremists in Eastern Europe.

He is an expert with small arms and explosives, and has an unnatural accuracy in the use of pistols. Franklin also has a preference for black tea from India, is a ballroom and tap dancer of professional skill, and is known for his exceptionally handsome physical appearance including, as one person put it, 'those annoyingly perfect teeth'. He is referred to by Kyle as 'fashion plate', the name he hung on Franklin during the 'Army-Navy' game. ('Like the taste of that grass, fashion plate? Get used to it! Be back for you later!) Obviously, Franklin hates the name.

As a result of events begun in Behind Enemy Lines, Franklin is promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and transferred to SABRE, where he became commander of one of the first metahuman battalions, the Exterminators. Also, in recognition of the efforts he made to save the lives of a Space Shuttle crew during his escape (by providing alien equipment that rendered the Shuttle invisible to detection, and a micro-fuel cell that could allow the Shuttle to return to Earth under powered flight), Franklin was awarded a 'Silver Snoopy' pin. He is the only member of DELPHI, and one of a tiny number of non-NASA personnel, who have been so honored.

Franklin was widowed just after the events of Behind Enemy Lines, when his wife, Commander Aki Davers (nee Ward), a U.S. Navy officer and a fellow member of the P.O.G.O. teams, died of as-yet unrevealed causes. He remarried Charlotte Spearsman soon after his return to Earth, and now has a daughter, Harmony.

He also has five brothers, he is the second oldest. George (the oldest) is a breeder of speciality cattle. After him is his younger brother John (a neurologist), Ulysses ('Uly', who owns a high-level modeling agency), and the two youngest Davers brothers, Jefferson and Theodore ('Teddy'), who are currently cadets at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies in Evansville, Indiana.

Franklin has also appeared in the Crusading Saint fics, "You Only Hurt..." and "The Ones You Love."