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The Fremont Town Line

Fremont is a town 100 miles (and several hours' drive) from Lawndale and in a different state. It was the setting for "Speedtrapped".

It appears to be nearer than Swedesville. We're told it's even duller than Lawndale is.

The vegetation changes abruptly from lush woods to desert at the town line. The town is sparsely inhabited, with the inhabitants all seeming to know each other: the Sherrif's Deputy is on casual speaking terms with Sally, a repeat offender, and is used to the idea she'll attack her husband (the local judge) for being "stupid". There's a local shopping outlet we don't see, and a bar called Mad Dawg's that's frequented by cowboy wannabes. A local radio station plays country and western all the time. There's a Sheriff's Department, and no police department.

Jake Morgendorffer once went there on a business trip, taking Daria with him.

Bizarrely, everyone in Fremont has a stereotypical southern accent despite being close to Lawndale, which has a 'generic' mid-Atlantic accent. If you assume Lawndale is in Maryland, Fremont could be in Virginia but that still doesn't explain the mass desert.

While the episode shows a "Fremont Town Limits" sign in the episode, Quinn later mentions stopping at a "little town" between the sign and the Sheriff's Office, and Travis the hitchhiker is picked up there and sings for a long time (Daria claims two hours but was probably exaggerating). It may have been intended to be a county.

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