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Fundamental Daria is a series of stories by Disco316 based on the Pet Shop Boys album, Fundamental. As of June 10, 2009, it consists of six completed stories. Three other stories are currently in progress, leaving three stories not yet begun. Stories are titled by the original song title, and thus, per Pet Shop Boys song title convention, only the first word of each title (and any proper names) are capitalized.

Completed Stories

  • The Sodom and Gomorrah show: A young woman enters an audition, and discovers more than she intended.
  • I made my excuses and left: Daria comes to La Casa Lane to find her missing friend, Jane. What she finds is not what she expected.
  • Numb: Quinn finds her life spiraling out of control, and just wants the pain to go away.
  • God willing: Jane slams down the telephone and runs to help her friend, for possibly the last time.
  • I'm with stupid: Jodie Landon is on her way to becoming the Vice-President of the United States, but who's her running mate?
  • Indefinite leave to remain: Daria, close to completing her Master's degree, is expecting a visitor. Sappy, sugary-sweet shipper fun ensues.

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