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Genderswap is a fanfiction trope in which the gender of one or more characters is flipped - due to the prevelance of major female characters in Daria, this tends to be female characters swapped to male.

This has become extremely common in Daria fandom, with every single character (yes even Upchuck) swapped at some time or another. This can be for comedy, drama, or as a shorthand for it being an alternate universe.

Examples of the trope are:

  • Darius by TAG: a dark drama fic in which Daria being born male causes Jake to become an abusive parent, reflecting what happened with him, and Darius is struggling to be a good man.
  • Finn Morgendorffer by HolyGrail2007: Melodramatic serial where a male Quinn is still as popular and mercenary as in canon, but now a 'ladies man' jock - with a far more toxic relationship with Daria.
  • Not So Different by J-D: A realist serial about a male Daria, nicknamed 'Sonny', and the minor differences that build up from the genderswap, as well as his relationship with Tom.


In 2016, Paste Magazine revealed the first genderswap writer was Glenn Eichler himself as Quinn was replacement for a brother character!