GeoCities Shutdown of 2009

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The GeoCities Shutdown of 2009 was the termination by Yahoo! of all sites within the GeoCities free web-hosting service on October 26-27, 2009.

GeoCities had been one of the main ways that people created websites in the 1990s and early 2000s, as the service was free (within a certain bandwidth) and had an easy-to-use interface. This made it perfect for both fandom websites and spammers.

The shutdown, announced in April 2009 and elaborated upon over the summer, wiped out over two dozen Daria fan sites, some of considerable note. In the months following the announcement of the shutdown, several projects were undertaken to mirror Geocities in order to "save" websites in danger of deletion from the internet. The results managed to archive several Daria websites.

Lost Daria websites[edit]

A long list of lost websites is offered below. The links themselves are not active and are offered only for the reader's information. Some of these sites might have been preserved by and thus reachable at least in part using the WayBack Machine.

Ace Trax: Putting the X in Crossovers
Anna Dufour's Daria Shrine
Daria Fan Fiction Website
The Green Sink
Quinn the Brain

   Ace Trax: Putting the X in Crossovers, a.k.a. Not Another Daria Fansite ( fanfiction collection of crossover tales
   Bradley's Official Unofficial Daria Website (, saved by Reocities [1]
   C.A. Moore's Fiction ( fanfiction collection of C. A. Moore, of Tasmania
   "Chainsaw" Jane's Fanfiction Closet, later Shallow 15 Productions ( fanfiction collection of Erin Mills, frontpage saved by [2], Daria fiction lost
   Canadibrit's Fanfic Quotefest ( humor site, last remnant of Canadibrit's home page, I Am (Not) Daria
   Daria ( the only known fansite in Hebrew, saved by [3]
   Daria ( Spanish, saved by [4]
   Daria, Daria, Daria... ( an old but large Daria supersite, saved by the oocities project [5]
   Daria en Castellano ( Spanish
   Daria Fan Fiction Website ( extensive fanfiction collection from the earliest days of the fandom, the largest archive of those lost, saved by ReoCities [6]
   Daria Morgendorffer (1) ( French
   Daria Morgendorffer (2) ( French
   Daria on VHS ( an old "save Daria" site, outmoded by DVDaria, saved by [7]
   Daria Rocks (
   The Daria Shrine (webmaster Anna Dufour) ( fanfiction collection, small supersite, saved by [8]
   Daria's Philosophy ( French, down before the shutdown, remnants were saved by ReoCities [9]
   Daria's Sick Sad World (webmaster Jorge) (, saved by ReoCities [10]
   Dariagraphy ( saved by [11]
   Free Radio Lawndale ( fanfiction collection by Ken Tremberth and Erin Mills
   The Green Sink ( important if controversial review-and-commentary fansite by CINCGREEN
   Jason's World of Daria (, saved by Reocities [12]
   Lauren's Maxi Mart ( Beavis and Butt-head site that included information on Daria in this earlier TV series, saved by [13]
   Mark Zero Fan Fiction, Unlimited ( site that archived the Daria fanfiction of Peter Guerin, saved by ReoCities [14]
   Mark Zero Fan Fiction, Unlimited ( alternate Daria fanfiction archive of Peter Guerin, saved by [15]
   Quinn the Brain ( site has been re-saved at this address
   Tiffany's World Fanfics ( fanfiction collection of Steve Cross, a.k.a. Steve Blum-Deckler and Inaria, saved by ReoCities [16]
   You Know You Watch Too Much Daria When.... ( saved by [17]
   You're Standing On My Neck ( United Kingdom