Ghosts of Christmas Future

Ghosts of Christmas Future is a post-canon story by Crusading Saint.

It's fifteen years after Is It College Yet?, and many of the residents of Lawndale have become the future alter egos from that episode. Daria and Jane host a faltering talk show, and come across insider information on Tom's company from Tricia Gupty, a secretary with that company. Mack is faced with firing Kevin or losing control of his company to Tom, a move that would cost many of his employees their jobs. While at Tom's buiilding, he runs into Quinn Morgendorffer, who is a VP of Sales for a major cosmetics company. Jodie is a successful entrepreneur, having opened Landon Towers in Las Vegas, and is bringing a guest with her on her trip back east. It all culminates at Tom's Christmas Party, which promises to be a reunion to for all parties involved (some for better reasons than others).

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