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Nuclear weapons test

Alternate-universe fanfic by The Angst Guy.


An alternate-history story in which the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 leads to atomic war, "Gone" focuses on Helen Barksdale, a teenager who must not only survive the chaos but rescue her two sisters as well.


The birth order used in the story, with Helen being the oldest of the three Barksdale sisters and Rita and Amy being (in order) the next oldest, was contradicted by information in a recent interview with Glenn Eichler, who stated that Rita was the oldest and Helen was the middle child. However, nothing presented in the Daria TV series indicated that this was the case, so this background element never made it into production, and the story can stand as is without contradicting canon.

A sequel (tentatively entitled "Fallout") that takes place in the year 1997 is planned but has not yet been written.

Winner of "Favorite Drama" story in the 1st Daria Fanworks Awards.

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