Grace, Sloane, and Page

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Financial company that is part of the Sloane family business mentioned in Is It Fall Yet?, with Angier Sloane the current leading family representative. The company is successful enough to make the Sloane's very wealthy, and famous enough that Jake Morgendorffer immediately associates the name Sloane with the company.

Jake made an ill-timed comment of of: "Grace, Sloane, and Page? Hey, sign me up for a little of that insider trading!". Negative reactions from Helen and Tom Sloane caused him to nervously say "Ha-ha! Little joke, of course. Class firm like your father's would never, uh, mmm...". This could imply a past scandal or rumours about the company (or just Jake failing at jokes).

Exactly who Grace and Page are has never been stated: they are presumably other old-money families that co-own the company.

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