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A ficlet by Angelinhel told in the 'snapshot' style. Quinn watches her classmates at their high school graduation.

Nominated for the 2006 Bootie "Favorite School-Centered (Lawndale High)," "Favorite Melodrama," "Favorite Quinn Story," and "Favourite Supernatural or Fantasy Horror."

Winner of the 2006 Crappie for "'Well Duh.' Most Heavy-Handed Foreshadowing."

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Quinn watches her classmates as they graduate from Lawndale High. She is not graduating along side them, though it is not immediately clear why. Quinn resents the fact she has been left out and feels some anger at the students who don't seem to appreciate the accomplishment and future they've been given.

Ms. Li's final comments reveal Quinn had been killed on prom night, and thus it is her spirit watching her friends, having been granted one last chance to say goodbye.


  • The author considers this to be a overly dramatic approach to the well-known 'Drunk Driver Warning' and agrees the story deserved the 2006 Crappie for "'Well Duh.' Most Heavy-Handed Foreshadowing."
  • Angel is the one who tells Quinn it is time to go.
  • The Angst Guy suggested this was a good tie-in to Angelinhel's other story 91404, though the author did not intentionally write it as such.

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