Great Prairie State University

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College to which Brittany and several other Lawndale High cheerleaders are heading after graduation. The college is mentioned only in Is It College Yet?

A line by Lisa, cut from the DVD of IICY?, reveals that every other place they applied to rejected them; Great Prairie can be assumed to be a crap college.

In real life, "Prairie State" is an unofficial nickname for Illinois.

Great Prairie in fanfiction[edit]

In the 'D-404' reality of the Daria Multiverse, Great Prairie is located in East Peoria, Illinois, and is the site of Brother Grimace's fic Spirit Stick (which includes Brittany being freed from the clutches of eldridtch, multi-dimensional beings by the Ringbearer Valkryie).

Real life counterparts[edit]

We can assume that Great Prairie State University is located in Illinois, publicly funded, and bad, which makes Chicago State University a strong possibility.

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