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Greybird was a contributor to the original Daria Fandom Blog before it closed in July 2007, and a member of PPMB and SFMB before leaving in December 2007.

He has contended that serious Daria fanworks ought to fall within a narrower range of difference in plot, characterization, and detail of expression — a range that hews closer than many prefer to what was presented on the original series.

He also maintained that fanworks taken too far afield from the Lawndale-and-high-school setting end up being less respectful of the efforts of the series' creators and writers, and, at the very least, are better done using new settings and original characters.

These views caused considerable controversy and discussion, particularly when he made the contention that off-canon fanfiction was, in fact, not fanfiction at all.

Greybird is also a fan artist, having created what the author saw as a highly accurate rendering of World Lines: Lux Vivendi, a painting by Jane Lane as described in Deref's Writes of Passage series.

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

2nd Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite Visual Inspired by a Fan Written Work for World Lines: Lux Vivendi

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