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Grove Hills entrance

Grove Hills is a private school for gifted children in Lawndale, appearing only in the episode "Gifted." Daria and Jodie are taken there to see if they want to attend, but both of them are turned off by the vicious elitism of the students.

The school boasts that 91% of its students go on to the Ivy League and make important contacts during their time. It is less keen to mention that the other 9% often require a "rest" from the pressures of academic life ("and occasionally away from the pressure of dressing and feeding themselves").


Her attitude is obnoxious and cynical to the (apparently) less gifted.

(Non-speaking part) Shunned by his colleagues due to having only scored in the 90th percentile of his tests.

Condescending, amoral, and arrogant, while suffering from bitterness over how he was bullied in public school.

She claims she had been an intellectual outcast before going to Grove Hills.

A recruiter at Grove Hills' open day, sneered at by the other students.

Grove Hills campus

Grove Hills in Fan Fiction[edit]

  • In Regifted, Daria and Jodie decided to accept the Grove Hill offers after all. While Jodie boards at the school, Daria commutes in as she refuses "to be around those jerks 24/7".
  • In Grove Hell on Earth, Daria was sent to Grove Hills instead of Lawndale High and was nearly driven insane.