Guys' Night Out

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Easily one of The Angst Guy's most comically outrageous fics, Guys' Night Out is an Dariaverse crossover tale in which the male counterparts of Daria and JaneDarius Morgendorffer and John Lane—have discovered the inter-dimensional wormhole behind the Good Times Chinese restaurant (a device built by the Architects) and are using it for fun and profit.

Tied for "Favorite Weird Idea" in the 4th Daria Fanworks Awards.

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.


Darius and John are discovered by Tom Sloane, who, in his own words, "came looking for Neanderthals and instead discovered the Mad Scientists' club." Rather than fight about dating one another's sisters (Tom's reason for coming over, as Darius and John had been dating Elsie Sloane and Tom began dating Quinn in revenge), the three join forces and head through the portal in search of adventure.

Their journey through the portal led them to Middleton College back in the late 1960s, where they met three young women who identified themselves as "The Three Janices." Each of the three teens eventually paired off with one of the Three Janices and became intimate with her; they later found that each had in fact become intimate with the younger, other-dimensional counterparts of Helen Morgendorffer, Amanda Lane, and Kay Sloane.

Following them through the next morning (relatively speaking), Quinn, Penny Lane, Summer Lane and Elsie Sloane came through the portal to look for their family members. When they found them, each in a compromising situation with the younger Helen, Amanda and Kay (especially in Darius' case, where the younger Helen propositioned Quinn, saying that she'd always wanted to have a sexual experience with two others at once), Quinn, Penny, and Elsie all began to administer well-deserved thrashings to the young men. Unfortunately, this was the spark that set off what was to become the largest riot in Middleton College history.

During this incident, Summer had made the acquaintance of the teenage counterparts of Jake Morgendorffer, Vincent Lane, and Angier Sloane; she was last seen in a car with them, apparently heading off to "a great party" and accidentally exposing her breasts as she was not wearing a bra. This was a point in her favor with the three young men, as it was noted that they really loved liberated chicks...

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