Her Last Words

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Her Last Words is a 2022 Daria fanfiction, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn.

As the second of S.W. Ellayn's works dedicated to the Daria fandom, Her Last Words takes us to a series of dramatic and tragic events that take place at Lawndale, a nearby forest just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and a parallel Earth known as Somewhere Else. The story ventures into the dark realm of realistic torture, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stockholm Syndrome and psychological recovery.

The creation of Her Last Words marks the start of the AFC Fanfiction Multiverse centered on Happy Girl, under the name Anna Felicia Coulthard.


Her Last Words is probably the first story to give the backgrounder Happy Girl a full protagonist role, since the entire fanfic is all about her and even Daria and Jane are relegated to minor appearances. In combination with S.W. Ellayn's Crystal Claw, this story provides Happy Girl with deep exploration of her background, personality and life history.


As of April 2022, Her Last Words is still in development.

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