Horizon Bridger

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Horizon Bridger is one of the original characters introduced in Brother Grimace's novella "It's All About Respect."


The oldest child of unreformed beatniks ‘Breeze’ and ‘Barley’ Bridger (who met during the 'Summer of Love' and never quite left), Horizon Bridger grew up in the quite interesting environment of Austin, Texas as one of seven children raised in the mindset of the 1960’s. However, Horizon rejected the upbringing of her parents and saw the allure of capitalism, enrolling in the Business Administration program at Middleton College; it was through this that she came to the attention of Jake Morgendorffer and came to work for him as an intern.

Other biographical information[edit]

Full Name: Horizon Elizabeth Bridger

Occupation: Student

Identity: Publicly known.

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen.

Other Aliases: H. Elizabeth Bridger

Former Aliases: None.

Place of Birth: Austin, Texas

Marital Status: Single.

Known Relatives: None.

Group Affiliation(s): None


Horizon stands at 5’9 and weighs 120 pounds. She has platinum-blonde hair, powder-blue eyes and a slender, athletic figure..

Horizon was raised as a lacto-ovo vegetarian; however, upon leaving her parents’ home, became fond of meat. She prefers seafood and chicken to red meats.

Horizon is an avid outdoors-type, who likes hiking, camping, long-distance running and bicycling. She is especially adept at climbing, and has archery skills that would easily allow her to compete on the collegiate level, but she chose not to pursue that avenue (due to her upbringing).

Horizon had a falling-out with her parents when she chose her major, as her parents wanted her to become a veterinarian or a lawyer with a focus in environmental law. They were especially disappointed when she started to use ‘H. Elizabeth Bridger’ as her name; their relationship was mended when Horizon agreed to use ‘H. Elizabeth’ only for business purposes.

Horizon has complained on occasion how she has had to deal with a great many men and women who have made sexual advances, because of her background and appearance, throughout her college career. This is one of the specific complaints that spurred her to use ‘H. Elizabeth’ or just ‘Elizabeth’ in most of her dealings with others.

As an intern at Morgendorffer Consulting, Horizon receives full coverage on her college tuition and fees, a small salary, one-third reimbursement on work-related clothing and the use of a company car. She refers to this as ‘a dream internship’, and is given an unusually large amount of latitude and responsibility by Jake.

Horizon has a great amount of respect for Jake because he has respect for her and her skills, and she has developed a slight crush on him, which he hasn’t noticed.

Horizon has very little patience with rude people, and tends to engage them when provoked. On more than one occasion, she has almost come to blows with rude or sarcastic individuals.

She is referred to as ‘Intern Girl’ by Wendy Thackerell.

Other appearances[edit]

Horizon was also seen in the Crusading Saint fics ‘You Only Hurt…’ and ‘The Ones You Love…’