House of Horrors

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A gruesome Halloween tale written by Angelinhel.

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Ms. Li has arranged a Halloween fair to raise money for the Lawndale High Drama Club's spring production of "Grease". The Fashion Club, along with the rest of Lawndale High's students were given the choice to buy twenty dollars worth of tickets or run a booth at the fair.

Forced into bringing her brothers Sam and Chris, Sandi and the rest of the Fashsion Club (Quinn, Tiffany, and Stacy) arrive at the fair. Sandi's brothers immediately run to the highlight of the event, the Drama Club's House of Horrors tent.

After a perusal of the lame entertainment Sandi becomes annoyed with Quinn's greater popularity repeatedly shoved in her face and decides it's time to leave. Stacy has stepped aside to take a phone call while the three remaining friends enter the House of Horrors, looking for Chris and Sam so they can go to the mall.

Upon entering, Sandi shrugs off her inital fear to begin the tour through the various 'rooms' depicting graphic death scenes. Upon finding her brothers in one scene, tied to a fence with their throats cut, she demands they stop playing around and leave with her. On closer inspection, Sandi discovers, to her horror, the scene is not staged and her brothers have actually been brutally murdered.

Terrified she flees into the final scene, only to find Quinn and Tiffany have been similarly graphically killed. Stacy comes out of the shadows in the hopes of Sandi's praise that she took to heart Sandi's previous wish to leave her bratty brothers behind, also taking revenge for Sandi for Tiffany's backstabbing comments (she had been stabbed in the back repeatedly) and Quinn's greater physical beauty (she had been mutilated beyond recognition).

The story ends with Sandi trapped in the gruesome scene with an insane Stacy, since the other fairgoers expected dead bodies and screams in the House of Horrors.

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