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A Daria fanfic by CharlieGirl, The Angst Guy, and Angelinhel. Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane have discovered a strange device in the rear wall of the Good Time Chinese restaurant that allows them to cross into alternate universes and meet their counterparts. However, this discovery does not come without severe consequences.

The story's action takes place across over a dozen alternate universes, nearly all of them based on works created by other Daria fanfic writers. The complete list of universes visited appears at the story's end. The tale began as part of an “Iron Chef” contest (started by Kristen Bealer) on PPMB to complete a Daria story begun by CharlieGirl.

The story is one of the most elaborate of Dariaverse crossovers, rivaled in complexity only by Richard Lobinske's Three and the combined works of The Judith Saga (Judith Strikes!. Worldburner, Worldhopper and [[Worldburner Aftermath]).

Winner of four 2005 Booties (Daria FanWorks Awards): "Favorite Overall", and "Favourite Supernatural or Fantasy Non-Horror".

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